One of Manila Bulletin front page flashes "Vatican embraces iTunes prayer book for priest".

Father Paolo Padrini, an italian priest developed an iPhone and iPod prayer application his idea of praying in this modern times. It is available in Spanish, French, English, Latin and Italian language.

Breviary is what we call the Christian Liturgical Prayer of the Church. It is the official prayer of the faithful, priests, religious and lay.

Personally I have not seen it because I do not have an iPhone or iPod. One priest have reported earlier before the coming of english application that it is a good as the book itself.

Maybe , it is time for me to buy an iPod so that i could pray the liturgical Christian prayer without ceasing.

Present version available is ver.1.2.1.

Bytes size 0.7MB

Cost for downloading $0.99

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  1. Hi Father. Yes, i saw this on tv. It's a nice idea to connect to the younger generation.


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