Thursday, January 31, 2008


Internet is offering a wide array of services of which let myself be confuse. Just as the providers of viewers or catalogs. I was confuse between and I put the widget at this site but keeping updating the I let it for several month before I could really figure out that they are different providers. is a paid service but is not. It seems that will overtake the other one as it teams up with Yahoo group.

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Monday, January 28, 2008

San Pablo Theological Formation House Alumni 2008

After the monthly priest assembly, we proceeded to Tagaytay for the Alumni celebration. Most of the priest of the diocese of San Pablo came from this formation house. Though our study is conducted by the Divine Word Seminary, other formations such as spiritual and community life is being held in the said formation house. Last year, we did not have any graduates because of the scarcity of those who could persevere in the priesthood. So there was no batch host during the celebration. The seminary fathers have prepared for everything for the little resources possible. It is sad to say that there are only 35 alumni who attended the said celebration, it is not even half of the graduates.

One of the agenda tacked was the creation of the officers of the alumni not only for the celebration but as a council to help or support the Alumni and the seminary. The outcome of the election is as follows:

President/Coordinator: Rev. Fr. Mario Rivera
Vice: Rev. Fr. Doy Bariring
Treasurer: Rev. Fr. Gabby Delfino
Secretary: Rev. Jason
P.R.O." Rev. Fr. Boy San Jose

It was also been discussed that an egroup/online forum must be created to be moderated by Rev. Fr. Jessie Somosierra, Jr.

As part of the said initiative, a join button below is created for the said purpose

Click here to join SPAA
Click to join SPAA

For the Alumni of san Pablo Theological Formation House, please subscribe

Subscribe to SPAA

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Now that's God

I would like to share a short message a friend sent me just recently. CLICK HERE
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Thursday, January 17, 2008

St. Anthony abbot

St. Anthony the Abbot or Anthony of Egypt was an Egyptian monk, the founder of monastic seclusion in the Catholic tradition. Patron of those who have skin deseases.

Today is he feast of St. Anthony, the abbot, the patron saint of one of my barrangay called Brgy. Bitin. Four years ago, the celebration of the feast of the said barrangay was moved from February 14 to January 17. The bishop have even published a rescript on the matter last three years ago. But, until now the people celebrates the feast on February 14. During my homily on the said feast, this is one of the endeavor that we have to face and accept as one of the difficult decision but a clear manifestation that we are following the mandate of the Church that Christ has founded.

I have tasked the leaders of the community there to built an altar on the left side of the chapel in honor of the patron. Right after the Mass, a parishioner offered a ten thousand pesos for the said project. Our God is using every means to touch our hearts including the saints, Thank you Lord. Thank you St. Anthony

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New PPC Officers of St. Augustine Parish, Birthday of Isid

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

One year

Exactly, today is my one year stay in this parish, St. AUGUSTINE Parish. Not a single soul of my parishioner have ever noticed and even greeted me or asked me if I have adjusted already on this new assignment. They seem never care. Well, every place has its own personality. I came to realized that this is the personality of this place or maybe they do not care much. Parishioners of other places I was assigned is different, it was the opposite. Maybe, I was just used to them not realizing that this place and its people have other concerns.

It was a relief that there are people from my former parishes that came to join me for a simple supper. They have invited me before to visit them to celebrate the first year of departure but I suggested otherwise to come here instead because tomorrow, i have a fiesta in one of my barrangay. They conceded on my proposal just to accompany me even for some moments during the day.

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