Thursday, April 30, 2015

May Flower Marian Devotion Facilitators

May flower Marian devotion is fast approaching. We will be giving catechesis for children as they congregate to honor Mary as the disciple of our Lord Jesus Christ. An example of humility and simplicity.

Before we could teach the children, we have to prepare the facilitators so that they can effectively impart the teaching of our faith.

. This year they will also prepare the children who were not been able to participate on the First Communion scheduled last December and January. They will also help our Catechist for those who will undergo the seminar for Kumpilang Bayan.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mobile blogging

Mobile blogging was been a realm not yet behind my grasp. However, I am starting to study it. This is the first time of trying it.

I am better of the desktop guy rather than with a more slim and handy gadget. One of the advantage of the desktop is a more organized presentation. I don't know how to align the paragraph without knowing the html codes.

However, it seems to express myself while writing and it is closes to when I am doing it through gadgets than through keyboard laptop. Maybe I can do both hoping that I can used it for the continuance of blogging.

One important thing is the right application to use for my easy access. So far the one that suits me is the Bloggeroid for blogger using android phones and gadgets.

Summer apostolate preparation

It was just recently that Fr. Christian Nalda inform me of the possibility of adopting 2 seminarians for their apostolate. There is no question about parishes adopting seminarians for apostolate this summer however there is a more advance information for.the priest they would like to stay. Some priest are wondering of the program because the program was usually on vicariate level and not on the parish level. Parishioners are wondering of their presence in the parish if their work is situated in other parishes. If ever that will be the case they are better to be housed in the parish of which they will undertake their apostolate.

This has some bearing because we have to analyze even the programs of our apostolate. Are we giving the formation of the apostolate to the ideals of which the problem of our parishes are encountering or are we inserting some global problems that might not be present in our situation? Are we not adoptive to the needs of the parishes of which they will be serving. Are we specializing in some aspects of which we have no need of in our situations? Are we sending our "armies" into a battlefield in full gear, overburden with so much load of equipments and knowledge when they will only need a bag of chocolates to do the job? One of the good things religious have is that they have specific charism to undertake that narrowed their quest for understanding and pursuit of knowledge based on their chosen congregations that defines their charism. On the other hand diocesan priests have a broad horizon that can be presented in a droplets that makes an ocean.That is also the reason why that we have to cover everything in small quantity and I believe that the parish based programs can be of great help because in itself situates one on the question at hand that will translate it even to the near future of that parish.

Every priest, we are told, in the diocese are formandi of the future priests in the diocese. Well, this one is just one of the many thoughts that comprises the droplets in the ocean.

Translating to Vernacular!

I am being reminded that blogs should be updated regularly. One of my shortcomings. There a lot in my minds that has to be shared. Even if this will entail that nobody might be on the receiving end. Facebook has eaten my time and it has been my platform for sometime. However, this spot must not be compromise.

One of the things I admire in Vietnam since our seminar on Summer Catechetical Institute for Priest hosted by Catholic Bishop Conference of the Philippines, Episcopal Commission for Catechetics and Catholic Education last April 20-24 is they translated the whole of the Divine Office in the Vietnamese Language. yes, we have translated a part of the Morning prayer, Noon prayer, Evening Prayer and Night prayer for a week in our native tongue but not the whole Divine Office.

There is much to be done in Philippine situation. What can I do. I can pray that those who have expertise may be able to do something about it or hoping that there will be bishops who can see the need for it commission it for those who can. if the Vietnam catholic can do it, We can also do it,   

It is also legit to ask the reason for such an endeavor. I believe that we would like to penetrate to the masses, we also need to do it in our and in their native tongue. Secondly, though it might take a bulk of pages than English but it will be better be understood even of those who cannot understand English and lastly it is on the spirit of the second Vatican Council's inculturation.