Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I am sorry, that I was not been able to post frequently. There is much work and I think I have expand much of myself in making different blogs or web blogs on the internet. Aside from my work as a priest, there are some social responsibilities that I must also attend to.

Before, I was pleading for some people in the hirarchy to give me some works on making the site for the diocese. I have find o is no need to ask them about it because there is much to be done even on my personal capacity. I thought, that it is my contribution to the presbyterium and to the local church or diocese. After much reflection, I have several sites of which I cannot find time to maintain in regular pace. This is one of the reson of not been able to post here regularly. So some of my post here are timestamped to make the way.

Sometimes, I also give more time to some of the sites who gather much popularity that this personal site of mine, of which is also the barometer, I used for the need of the people. However, it is also to remind myself that this site is personally mine of which is a part of my personality and being. This does not mean that the other sites does not reflect the same. But here is is more personal.

I have made a new network site for the Diocese of San Pablo. I do not know, if I ever posted it here before. But to the interest of thoose who failed to catch up. There are two sites: the first one is reserve to the priests of the diocese of San Pablo. though, it might have not been able to reach the majority of the priest who uses the internet. Not all of the priest is attuned to this new modern, though not too modern anymore, I am still tryoing to reach out for them for actively inviting them not only as recipient but also as active participants. The site is http://sanpablo.ning.com. Invitation is required to log on.

The other corresponds to the people who wished to enter the site but were not priest. Iam also making the site to be more attuned to the needs of the faithful who belongs to the diocese of San Pablo or to those who would like some information about the diocese of San Pablo. This is a separate site from the other site on the making about the profile of the diocese. The site could be found on http://sanpablodiocese.ning.com

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Monday, July 30, 2007


I have asked several parishioners to accompany me to Sta. Cruz, Manila for some important matters such as buying the right stuff and specification for the exhaust fan for the Church. The athmosphere of the Church is too hot. I asked Bro. Tas to accompany me because he knows the specification which is needed for the area of the church and its capacity to blow out all the unwanted hot air. I also asked Sis. Ligaya and Sis. Cena because they are familiar with the place and be able to recommend what is more appropriate. I bought also 5 outdoor flourescent lights for the Church and convent grounds.

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Sunday, July 29, 2007


After my Mass at Karbaritan, somebody invited me for a house blessing. A Filipino U.S. citizen decided to build a house here in her native town so that when she comes here for a visit, he could stay sometime to her own house. I was been told that before, there is no stone houses around, it was only been lately when people have money by working abroad that they have stated to build big stone houses. it is also to be noted that when there is no longer people around that they stated building big and beautiful houses. They would like to set to the people's eye that they become successful but there is nobody really living in the house except the caretakers who comes from time to time to see the house. For others, they let their relatives use the house while they are not around.

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Saturday, July 28, 2007


Since John have some important matters to attend to, I asked willy to drive me for my scheduled barrio Masses. Willy is a resident of Bay for 47 years and yet he have not reached sipit. It was not much of a distance but because it is out of the way for regular communters. People go there because there is something they have to attend to. It is only a small community. Around 40 houses to 50. most of them are workers of IRRI.
After Sipit, we celebrated Mass also in Brgy. Paciano Rizal. They have a basketball game when we arrive but they stopped when we started our celebration of the Holy Eucharist. At least, there are some concern individual in the community who acknowledge the importance of the Mass.
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Friday, July 27, 2007


I have a barrio named Maitim (black). it is still within the vicinity of poblacion proper, so there is no regula mass being held there. However, today, as a part of the program of "Dalaw ni San Agustin" (visit of St. Augustine) to every barangay, I celebrated my Mass there. it has some number of atandance but the most sad of it is that is is situated along the main road whic make it too noisy even if there is a public audio system. During my homily in this program I asked two things about St. Augustine. My question were what was the title of the book of the autobiography of St. Augustine and the title of the book which he envisioned of what heaven and heaven on earth shall be. They are humble enough to admit that they have not known any book written by the said saint. So, I am starting from scratch, I thought of myself. It seems that there is a lot of thing that should be done in respect for the extensive knowledge of the saint. People from other part of the country comes to honor the said saints because they know of the importance that St. Augustine have been to the history of the present Catholic Church and the parishioners have not been able to have the right information about him.
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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Science Pod

While waiting for google to upload my video which I have taken last Monday during the Episcopal district meeting, I stumble upon on some videos on Science. Well they were created by scienceonline taken from http://hilaroad.com/video/. What makes me drawn to its is its section on lemon battery. It is quite energizing also to review one's knowledge with the wonders of this life. I have made a pod for it would like to share it for those who would like to learn whether as a newbie or for those who would like to refresh their science lesson. Happy viewing.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Episcopal Anniversary

The bishop celebrates his episcopal anniversary. After the celebration in Paete, we hurriedly proceded to San Pablo City for the celebration of the Bishop. I also ask the secretary of the bishop for the schedule of the confirmation and of the feast of St. Augustine. I also ask Msgr. Alex Amante for the main celebrant of the concelebrated Mass. They all agreed to the propose schedules.
After confirming the schedules, I drop by at Lala's house in del Remedio, knowing that her aunt have passed away ( I gave the annointing of the sick before to her aunt two weeks before). I pause for a prayer for the soul of her aunt but Lala was not there. So, i proceded to the parish because there awaits my parishioners for the funeral Mass.

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St. James Feast

I attended the Feast Day of St, James, the Elder in Paete, Laguna. I left early to catch up with the 8:00 Mass but because of rerouting, I failed to catch up so I decided to join the 9:30 Mass instead.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Novena Mass for Nuestra Senora delos Angeles

My former parish through the present parish priest, Fr. Albert "Boy" San Jose invited me for the Novena Mass. I was not been able to take the picture during the Mass or let anybody take it for me. After the celebration, Sis. Virgie also invited me for supper with the present parish priest

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After watching the episode of vermin culture or worm culture, I decide to visit the CRTD (Center for Rural Rechnological Development, one of the agencies of the Philippine Bussiness for Social Progress) located at the neighboring town, Calauan, Laguna, Philippines). The first time, I heard of it was when I was a new priest, when someone invited me to hear confession for a group of youth. It was later on through my cousin, Salvacion Torreflores, I learned that it is also used for training on a lot of matters including the information dissimination of the vermin culture.
After my morning mass, I asked somebody to drive me to the said place. There, I learned a lot of things about worms. However, I was not been able to bring with me my camera, I was not been able to take some pictures.
I also bought a Kilo of Vermins for 800 pesos, I was informed that it is about 150 pieces of worms. It was place along with the other composed materials so that they might have some food along the way. I asked somebody to fixed me a place for the said worms and I supplied a bunch of leaves and stems.
I will see if it is applicable for household use to lessen the amount of trash in every household. Will it be viable for small time culture management? How much space is required? Will it help the enviroment? These are just some questions, I hope to answer.
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Monday, July 23, 2007

Liceo Teacher Recollection

After the meeting and taking Lunch at Bel Air, Cabuyao, Laguna, I immediately hurried back to the parish to prepare myself for the teacher's recollection of the Liceo De Bay. My Laptop is having some problem in loading immediately. Maybe because of too many programs installed therein or maybe because it is already outdated. It was been more than four years since them I bought it . However, I tried to make use of it for the said recollection.

I have decided to give them the summary of the Sacramentum Caritatis, since it is their care that the students could be properly instructed on the importance of the sacraments. Sacramentum Caritatis is an apostolic exhortation not to make new law on liturgy but a new liturgical movement based on the present liturgical laws with emphasis on the proper celebration because it is a potent instrument of evangelization. Sacraments as signs, especially the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist which is celebrated if not everyday, every week. It's impact on the faith and life of the people is clearly manifested if only it is properly celebrated. Though, the importance of the liturgical rite as the ars celebrandi is emphasized, it is not to deviate oneself to the very meaning of the celebration which is the total salvation of mankind.

since this is the first time that I have given a recollection of this sort to Liceo teacher specifically on this Parish, it is quite to note some observation.
1. Documents of the Church is not been a part of the ongoing updating of the teachers. there is a minimum knowledge of the documents of the church and its impact on everyday living.
2. Review of some basic principles of Christian life is needed. Though religion teachers have some knowledge about the faith, it seems that other teachers of other field have little knowledge. It seems that they have forgotten that they are teaching in a Catholic, a sectarian institution which differ them from other schools. Excellence not only on mundane knowledge but also of the faith is a paramount need.
3. Issues and tachings of the Church in family is the number one thing they are looking for. More on practical side based on the document of the Church and through the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Meeting of Episcopal District II

One of the topic discussed in our vicariate meeting is to hold a meeting for the episcopal district of the Diocese of San Pablo because of some question of which we believe is not only of concern of the vicariate but also of the other vicariate within the episcopal district II. Fr. Marvi who is the episcopal district vicar is one of the priest of the vicariate.
Here is the content of the meeting in video we have discussed not all matters that we have discussed was been filmed because, my camera was run out of battery. This post was been quite late as of the date because of transfering files from the video cam to computer could somehow tedious and requires a lot of time.
Aside from the things that were discussed in the Video, there is a work assigned to me as one of the vicariate vicar of the said episcopal district as well as the one in-charge with the lay minister of the parish. The group would like to make a set of talks for the lay ministers of the Holy Communion which will become the standard norm of the vicariate.

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St. Bridget

St. Bridget of Sweden
According to www.maryvale.ac.uk/brigettines.htm,
St Bridget of Sweden is best known as author of a book of "Revelation" and as the foundress of the Order of the Most Holy Saviour. She was born at Finsta in Sweden in 1303. From childhood the Lord granted her special graces, visions and an extraordinary understanding of divine realities. At a very early age she had a vision of the crucified Jesus in all the tragedy of his Passion, and she felt enkindled in her soul a profound devotion to the Saviour. This devotion would later become a precious heritage of the Bridgettine Order, as expressed in its motto" Amor Meus Crucifixus Est".

Bridget married at age thirteen out of obedience to her parents, though she would rather have entered monastic life. She was the mother of eight children whom she raised with exemplary care in the Christian faith. She travelled as a pilgrim to many shrines together with her husband who, upon returning from a visit to Santiago de Compostela, entered the Cistercians of Alvastra in Sweden, where he lived for two years before his death.

Remaining at Alvastra following her husband’s death, Bridget joined the Franciscan Third Order, and while remaining in the world she devoted herself to a more ascetic life through the practise of penance, a life of poverty and zealous work in helping the poor, the needy and the infirm. Assiduously devoted to prayer, she had numerous visions of the Saviour, who asked her to establish a new monastic Order and to travel to Rome in order to await the return of the Pope from Avignon. For the fulfilment of this latter intention she offered constant prayers, practised mortifications and made urgent appeals to the Pope to return to his See in Rome.

Bridget moved to Rome in the company of a small group of priests and friends in 1349. Her virtuous life was an example to all, and she made many penitential pilgrimages The last of these, which she made at an advanced age, was to the Holy Land, after she had seen the return of the Pope to Rome. A prophetess of God, she vehemently denounced the sins of the people. The house where she lived and her church, in Piazza Farnese, are a place of pilgrimage and prayer, especially for Nordic visitors.

Bridget wrote many works in which she recounted her own mystical experiences. She died on 23 July 1373, on the same table she used for writing and for taking her frugal meals with the poor, thus imitating her Saviour who died on the wood of the Cross. The aspects of Mary’s life upon which Saint Bridget carefully meditated are her Immaculate Conception, her sufferings at the foot of the Cross and the mystery of Nazareth, where the Blessed Virgin is present as "Mother and Teacher of all" Bridget was canonized on 7 October 1391.

In many ways her life can be seen as a model for the religious life, a model of a strong mother may stand for all women and all Christians. Because of her great love for Christ and for the Church she became a fearless tutor for the Church and secular leaders of her day.

Although the ordo have a brief description of the life of St. Bridget of Sweden, I decided to look for more information because one of the non-sectarian school here is named after her. The faculty and the Parents Teacher Association (PTA) asked me to celebrate a Mass in the said school.


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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Another San Pablo Diocese Network

Why Make another San Pablo Network?
This the primary question that I am primarily confronted with making this network. I have made a network for the diocese hoping that there will be a central web site of which all the parishes and parishioners can communicate together for some information about the diocese. However, there are still some people who are aking me to enter to that network who are not priests. I have in mind before that the said network wwill cater more on the needs of the priest within the diocese. But it seemds that there are more lay who are also looking for such information. It will double my work. However, I could not let the other first netrwork deleted because it has its own purpose different from the reason I am making this though there might be duplication of work. The other network is private because there are information that is for the consumption of the priests of the diocese and not for everybody. There are communication of which there is no need to publish to the rest such as meetings of the clergy.
I hope that all the people interested in this network will also post for the information of all who will be benefited for additional information and knowledge and may help one another in strengthening one's faith.
Well, any way, wish me luck.
Description: This is the public network of the Diocese of San Pablo to differ from the private one I previously created for priests of the Diocese. This one is open to all catholics but its main profile is the diocese of San Pablo.
In response to the request of people like:
  • Diocese of San Pablo

    Diocese,San Pablo, Catholic, Church,Priest,Jesus, Programs,Documents,Christ,

    maria aleni verallo has requested an invitation to Diocese of San Pablo


    i would like to recieve updates and newsletters from your webby, also i would like to request for autobiographies of the parish priests to be featured on your blog and their pictures as well (if possible).. for future reference (for our parochial priest day celebration).. thanks.. i hope you would grant my request..

    p.s. im from the san pablo cathedral youth ministry and we were given the task to research on our parish priest ( Rev.Msgr. Mel Barcenas V.G., J.C.L ) and while browsing i stumble upon your webby which is very helpful for future references..

    you can email us at ******** ( Email deleted for privacy) it will be a great help in honoring our beloved parish priests....

    Send an invitation to maria aleni verallo

Every catholic may join.

Medical and Dental Clinic in Masaya

As schedule, the medical and dental clinic of the parish for the Barangay Masaya was held in the Chapel. Doctors, Nurses and dentist and other medical practitioners helping together to give medical prescriptions to the parishioners and non-catholics alike.

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Saturday, July 21, 2007


I have asked Henry to make a series of recording for the internet of the Mass songs both in English and Tagalog. These are the choir members who will record it today. I have given henry 1,800.00 pesos for the downpayment for the recording studio anf meals. There is a recording studio being rent in Calamba city, oh sorry, Cabuyao, Laguna.

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Looking for widgets to show my pictures have caused me a lot of time in figuring out on what widget is to be used. For the moment this is what I have found

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Friday, July 20, 2007

Food Sponsor, July 2007

Here is the list of Food sponsor for the month of July 2007
Brgy. Dila, Bay, Laguna
1.Solly Arboleda
2. Delmi Espidido
3. Juling Bargola
4. Ester Vtchanco
5. Filising Faustino
6.Lennette Berris
7. Mrs. Lapitan
8. Juanota Hipolito
9. Amy Masa
10. Malou Yap
11. Lita Remoluna
12. Tating Faustino
13. Marlon Alvares
14. Puring Kuribot
15. Mrs. Comia
16. Linda Burbon
17. Janette Agraan
18. Mrs. Padrid
19. Juling Pantas
20. Irene Coliflores
21. Mrs. V. Celis
22. Menard Kuribot
23. Mrs. quirino
24. Mrs. M. Castillo
25. Rowena Comia
26. Hilda Balbarona
27. Cesar Arboleda
28. Mrs. L. Fernandez
29. Leony Dia
30. Janing Manese
31. Linda Tolentino
Thankyou for your support.!

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Thursday, July 19, 2007


The trees within the church and convent yard need some trimmings. It was been since that I have told several people within the parish if they know someone who could assist me on this undertaking but it is only now that somebody have come out for the said job. The tress need to be trimmed because it is already a rainy season. A month ago, water have entered the church and convent because the roof drainage is full of twigs and dry leaves. It has caused much trouble. The difficulty on the construction of the church roof is that it is so stiff. It needs someone who could balance himself with the stiffness of the said roof and still remain to work there to get rid of the trashes.
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An invitation from the parish of St. John the Baptist for the novena mass in honor of their patron saint, St. John the Baptist. Supposedly, my schedule there is to the 24th of August but since there was a conflict to one of the celebrants he opted to take my date instead. What's new, it seems that one of my trademark is that I could be persuaded to give way, I accepted it even though it is an eve before the feast of my own parish.
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