Friday, October 31, 2008

Filipino Family under Seige

As I have said before, though it is easier to post all your materials into one site, it is impossible. Simply because each site has its own feature that differs from others. You have to find something for what your need suite. Therefore, you have to get something from the other site and incorporate it to other. Well, maybe, it is one of the version of what we call no one has the monopoly of truth, the same applies for nop one has the monopoly of service.

This power point presentation is too long that it took several days before I can successfully uploaded it. I yhought before that it can be uploaded to youtube. Yes, it can be uploaded but I deleted it because it was too long that youtube cannot play it.

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Thursday, October 30, 2008


I am a regular user of authorstream to accomodate some of my materials to be posted in the internet. There are some changes in the service of the said site. They added some features and deleted some. One of their changes is that they no longer include like or dislike voting feature in your video. They have not given the reason why? Maybe because no one uses the said feature.

Here is their press release posted last 16 of this month:

Simple is the Best- A New Face of authorSTREAM

"Simple is the best" is a belief we hold while developing authorSTREAM. So we have tried the latest version of authorSTREAM to reflect a fine balance between simplicity and usability.

2 days ago, we launched the brand new authorSTREAM website, simpler and faster than the old version. Yes, "Simple is fast" is true to Web2.0 application interfaces. With less graphics and more CSS on the site, we have managed to enhance the loading speed significantly. However, a higher speed does not come with compromising the quality or usability. A picture means a thousand words, so please check out what is new in the PPT below.

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